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'Rang und Quartier Liste' Database  English & Deutsch

The information on this page was derived from from the 1898 edition of the Rang und Quartier Liste der Königlich Preußischen Armee, published by Ernst Siegfried Mittler und Sohn.

The Royal House of Prussia  English & Deutsch

Where to find the Amber Room

A symbol of both Russian and German greatness, the Amber Room was the pride and joy of the House of Romanov. Its contents mysteriously disappeared during World War II and have never been found. (full story, Russia Beyond the Headlines)

Crossroads. The Hohenzollerns & Religious Confessions 1517-1740

Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, is currently hosting a special exhibition, titled ‘Crossroads. The Hohenzollerns & Religious Confessions 1517-1740, through July 9, 2017. (full story, Blouin Art Info)

Living on Prussia's ruins, Kaliningraders embrace Germanic past

Leveled by the British in World War II and ethnically cleansed by the Soviets afterward, the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad has long had a shaky relationship with its Prussian past. But now its residents are beginning to restore its history. (full story, Christian Science Monitor)

Porcelain That Captures A Lost World

Berlin's royal porcelain manufacturer KPM was around in the 19th century to record Prussia's transformation from a military power into a cultural powerhouse. (full story, Wall St. Journal)

Kashubian documentary team explores heritage

Renfrew County Kashubs are known in the Nation of Kaszebe as walking artifacts and make a perfect subject for a documentary film and Kashubian TV Journalist Gienek Pryczkowski. (full story, Barry's Bay This Week)

The Cellist King: Quartets for Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia

Like his predecessor Frederick II (“the Great”), Frederick William (going with American spelling conventions) had a serious and informed interest in music as both patron and performer. (full story, SF Examiner)

Without Prussia we'd all be speaking French

At Waterloo, as Abba sang, Napoleon did surrender, defeated by what the Foreign Office described this week as "British military heroism". (full story, The Australian)

Prussia v. Denmark Now a TV Series: 1864

Ole Bonedals upcoming series 1864 focuses on the Battle of Dybbøl, a war that reduced Denmark by two-thirds, and can still make Danes feel small. (full story, Bleeding Cool)

Prussia v. Denmark Now a TV Series: 1864 Video Game...

Shell Shock is set in the Second Schleswig War, a half-year conflict in 1864 between Denmark and the combined forces of Prussia and Austria. (full story, Pocket Tactics)

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